withunmind photography

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

withunmind photography presents : intimately you


i had a session a few weeks ago for a really good friend of mine. actually, this session was at least  2 years in the making. she had been throwing around the idea of creating a few photographic images of herself for her husband. something seductive, something sexy - without being completely revealing. she called it her "after 5" session. during those 2 years, i'm not sure if she was just building up the nerve to do the photo shoot, or, if she was just trying to torture me, thinking i would never get her in front of the camera. as women, we're usually the ones behind  the camera taking the pictures. getting us on the other side of the lens, even for just a single candid shot, can be difficult; and, i won't even talk about how that one image ends up in the recycle bin way too often. we can definitely be our own worse critic. don't get me going on that because i'm with the best of them (as far as "accidentally" deleting pictures that is).  fast forward two years, i get a call - "valerie, i'm ready.......lets do this." we had a great shoot!!!" beautiful images. lots of laughing. i think i had to duck and cover at least once because we thought the hubby had got home early (these were a surprise for him). something unexpected happened though. these images, meant to be a gift for her husband, something she did just for him, ended up being a gift for her as well. after she got to view the images from the shoot , she told me how good they made her feel, how sexy  she felt. the girl is hot ya'll! if she didn't know that before , she knows it now! this got me to thinking, "man" (yes that's how i think when i'm talking to myself) ...."i want to make every woman feel like that!!" i mean really, to have images of yourself that you absolutely love???" mine usually fall into the category of images that i don't hate, lol. i actually have a few that my own husband (of course wouldn't be using anyone else's hubby) snapped of me, that make me feel pretty good if i may say so myself. but uh, you wont be seeing them - just like no one else will be seeing the images from your session (unless you specifically allow it) - but just to have them and to know - this is me, it makes me smile.  if you know me and you've talked to me in the past few weeks - you know that these new sessions that are being offered are  all i've been able to talk about. i know i'm not reinventing the wheel - boudoir photography is not a new thing at all. it is however new to withunmind photography. the excitement and passion are fresh and i am beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to capture stunning images of real women. my first focus is to make you feel good about you by creating images that you will love, that will add a little quick to your step and give you just one more reason to smile.. after we get that out the way, a little eye candy for your fella doesn't hurt either.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sweet baby of mine : oklahoma city area photographer

sweet sweet baby of mine. 11 month old a'khari grace. i'm SO in love with this kid! shes the baby, our last one, and, i do not want her to grow up! i'm really have a hard time coming to terms with that. anyhow, a few weeks ago, after having a newborn session (see previous post below) i was inspired to break (back) out the red tutu and try to capture a few shots of my baby girl in it. she only gave me five minutes before she had had enough of me - thats okay though, it was just enough time to get what i needed! stay tuned for her first birthday party pictures. sniff. sniff.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

baby z : oklahoma city area photographer

i had the honor of photographing this beautiful 4 day old baby, friday night, for a young couple that are friends of ours. there really is something almost magical about photographing babies. i truly love every minute of it! i mean how much more innocent, pure and fresh does life get than this!!