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Monday, June 14, 2010

with dad in mind : special father's day contest : oklahoma city area photographer

do/did you have the best father?? are you married to the best father??
we want to hear about him and what makes him so special!! you have
from now untill june 20th @ 11:59pm to shine the spotlight on your
dad and let us know how truly special he really is! sunday (yes fathers
day) we will choose one winner to receive a session from withunmind
photography and a collection of prints valued at $215.00!
****fine print. (yes there always is just a little bit!). family members
and close friends are not eligible. if you know my middle name or
have ever been out with me past midnight (since ive graduated high
school that is), sorry, you cant apply. lol. must be a fan of our facebook
page to make a nomination. nominations must be AT LEAST 100 words in length and 
can be emailed to valerie@withunmindphotography.com. all or portions of
nominations may be reposted publicly on this fan page or our blog.
now, get to writing!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

withunmind photography is looking for senior reps! will you (or someone you know) be a senior graduating with the class of 2011? do you want to earn some or all of your senior pictures for free? for more info email us at valerie@withunmindphotography.com


Monday, June 7, 2010

destiny : senior 2010 : sneak peek : oklahoma city senior photographer

i think destiny gets the award for the serious face. she has a beautiful smile but as soon as i'd say "serious" she could pull it right out the bag. many of my seniors this year have had to take a minute to get their look together, destiny was right on top of it. loved it!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

mama's baby : oklahoma city baby photographer

i realize that sometimes i stand in my way more than anyone else! here i sit trying to be the diligent professional and put in a few hours of work. when, all of sudden, this little girl pulls me away from the computer BEGGING me to take her pictures (yes, i realize she cant even say mama yet, still). so being the good mama that i try to be - i must oblige. the kid is cute ya'll and she can have pretty much anything she wants! lol! unless its after bedtime then mama usually dont play!

baby samayiaah : oklahoma city baby photographer

this was, by far, my most alert newborn to date! she was too cute trying to check us out. she didnt miss a beat!! way too grown to be all of five days! lol! 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

hot! hot! hot! : intimately you session: oklahoma city boudoir photographer

*this will be a VERY picture heavy post.
i LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting intimately you sessions! i love being able to capture images of women that they love and that make them feel good about themselves! because of the nature of the sessions, of course, i dont often get the chance to share images.sooooo, to make up for all the sessions that you'll never get to see (hey, we have to have some level of privacy and discretion) we'll show you a lot from this session. she's a roller derby chick and i loved everything about her!!! check her out!!
 ahh....there's plenty more! those are just a few of my favorites!

khari mama : oklahoma city baby photographer

every now and then a bit of insanity strikes me and i get the urge to try to photograph my own children. now, i havent gone completely insane. i havent taken on the job of photographing them ALL at once. over the last few months though, i have made it my mission to do an individual session of each of them. so far. so good. i just have one session left to complete (for anyone counting, i have five children. 4 sessions down. 1 to go). i'll have to come back and post a few from each session. the baby, a'khari, is the last on my list to complete. the other evening tho, when that wind of insanity was blowing thru (helped out by the inspiration from this new hat i had just received) i decided to take her out for just a few shots. she only gave me about 10 minutes of her time and believe me, she made me work for every minute of it! it did my heart good tho. i truly love these images of her. they make me fall in love with her even more! the girl is cute ya'll. i know i'm a bit bias, but come on now, pictures done lie!! i totally love this kid!