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Saturday, June 18, 2011

the jones family : sneak peek : oklahoma city area family photographer

cute cute CUTE little girls!!! i think i may have almost won bristol over and made a friend out of her! the truth will be if i can get a smile or at least a hi out of her the next time i see her!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

just one : burks family : oklahoma city area family photographer

i just wanted to put up one quick one from my session last week with the burks family. these kids cracked me up - their parents are pretty cool too! you shoulda seen that dad break dancing!!

taylon : modeling portfolio : oklahoma city area photographer

here are just a couple from my session with 14 year old taylon. she definitely has some natural beauty!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

new pricing : new structure : oklahoma city area photographer

today we are launching our new pricing as well as our new pricing structure. above you will see the new price guide. the session fee has increased to $75.00 per session (not per person). as we were setting up the new pricing structure we wanted to have a way to make even the collections more customizable. to achieve this, the classic and modern collection now contain your choice of gift prints. a gift print is a set of 8 wallets, a 5x7  or an 8x10. so, in the classic collection, for example, you would choose your choice of any combination of gift prints. say you need, just 1 8x10 and 1 5x7 but 6 sets of wallets. that doable. or, say you'd like all 8 gift prints as 8x10s. thats doable as well! what ever combination fits the needs that you have. we are really excited about the new flexibility that this will allow. each collection now comes with an accordion mini album. these are roughly 2x3in, hard covered, accordion style albums that hold up to 10 images. these will be great to keep in your purse or briefcase to show off the images from your session or even to give away as gifts. this specialty item will not be for sale individually. the modern collection includes a  5x7, hard cover spiral bound book with your choice of your favorite 20 images from the session. both the modern and artistic collections include a float wrap. i cant really do float wraps justice with words. they are beautiful and they come ready to hang - no framing needed. float wraps are a modern and much more affordable spin on the conventional canvas print or gallery wrap. in the upcoming weeks, look out for picture heavy posts showcasing each of these items in much more detail. i think that just about covers it! i'm headed back to enjoy the last few days of my mini vacation. as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@withunmindphotography.com or call us at 405.503.4124