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Friday, July 22, 2011

sisters : oklahoma city photographer

just wanted to share this quickly. its from a recent session of 5 sisters and their niece (or daughter in one sisters case). they had A LOT of fun and were up for pretty much anything - my kinda folk! plus, i learned something new that day! did you know that you can design your own chucks @ the converse website?? very nice!!

ken and jessica : sneak peek : engagement session : oklahoma city area photographer

this session was a little difficult for me since i find it kinda hard to focus, shoot and laugh at the same time! lol. with all the cracking up we pulled a few good images out of there in between the laughs. jessica said if we could get one decent picture she'd be happy! i'm all smiles!!

gereamy : senior 2012 : oklahoma city senior photographer

this year has gone by WAY too fast for me. it seems like i was JUST shooting 2011 seniors and now the first wave of 2012 seniors are coming in! i had a session with gereamy and his family awhile back - then it seemed like he wasnt too happy to be in front of the camera. this day though, i thought he was a total natural. we got in there, had fun and got it done. completely painless. do you hear that guys out there - it was completely painless!!

the bryan family : sneak peek : oklahoma city family photographer

i would apologize for the picture heavy post - but i just cant. i started out trying to choose just two or three images for this sneak peek but it was just too hard. besides, i didnt feel like it! lol. okay thats not totally true because i wouldve showed them ALL but i did narrow it down to these - so i did good, right?? anyways back to the bryan family. the first time we met up - out of nowhere (as is typical for oklahoma) a storm came so we had to reschedule. ffw - bryan family shoot take two. i couldnt have asked for better conditions - as hot as oklahoma has been it wasnt unbearably hot. there was a slight breeze happening, the light was beautiful and the people were so so fun! i loved to be able to capture some of the natural interactions between this young family - it did my heart good!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

out with the old & in with the new : oklahoma city photographer

change is not always bad. often times change can be a really good thing. i'm not the most accepting person to change. i can be resistant to it at times. as i grow though, ive realized that change can reflect just that - growth. with that little bit of deep conversation out the way - ive said all of that to say that we are making a few changes to our logo. its updated. more modern. more fresh. very simple and very clean - the way i like it. i have to say that i'm really feelin it :)  its been sitting on my computer for a little bit more than a few months now (thats where my resistance to change comes in). it has poked its head out here and there from time to time. i love it so much though that i'm ready to just make the jump over to it. without further ado (actually you've already seen it since its above this post, lol) - withunmind photography and design logo : revised.