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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

dream crushers vs. dream makers or better yet - haters gonna hate

sometimes i think, you gotta be careful who you tell your dreams too. some people just love to crush dreams. they'll tell you no. its not a good idea. its not possible. you cant do it. it wont happen. my philosophy is, dont tell them. SHOW THEM. some people are undercover dream crushers. or, possibly they feel as if they are looking out for your best interest or "protecting" you from being hurt. they may encourage you to dream a little smaller. aim a little lower. my philosophy is, DREAM BIGGER!

i have been so blessed to not have this problem. by nature, in way of my family, i am surrounded by people who WANT to see me succeed. they are a CONSTANT source of support and encouragement. outside of them, i choose to surround myself with passionate people. seekers. dreamers. DOERS. when i have a new idea, a new plan, even a few crazy thoughts - their first response is usually, "how can i help you?? what can i do?? what do you need from me to help you?!!" they often push me to do more and be more than i even dreamed. they challenge me to dream bigger. they push me to be better. these are the type of people that you want to surround yourself with.

i'm not afraid to dream big. i'm not afraid of failing. there is SO much i want to do and to try. some things will "pan out" and some wont. some things are meant for me and some are not. i dont know though until i first try. the things that dont "pan" are just LEARNING BLOCKS and STEPPING STONES to something even better! so, no, i'm not afraid of failing. more than anything, i'm afraid of regretting not trying!

haters gonna hate baby. thats their job. dream on. that's yours.

Friday, January 11, 2013

hello twenty13 : withunmind photography

WHAT WHAT! i cant believe that we are already a week + in to 2013! i just KNOW that this is going to be an amazing year - not only for me but for my family and friends as well! i see that i neglected to even share my family's christmas card here on the blog. shame on me.

i want to back up just a bit and briefly update everyone. i kind of feel like i got thrown out of 2012 and sorta tumbled in to 2013. around late october i had an unexpected health crisis and was rushed to the emergency room. i spent 4 or 5 days in the hospital and spent the rest of the year back and forth at the doctors office and trying to JUST FEEL BETTER. towards the end of the year my butt was really getting kicked. it took awhile to figure out what exactly was going on but now after many, many tests, needle pokes, nasty meds, an overwhelming amount of sleep and a second round of wonderful antibiotics i'm feeling almost like my old self! could. not. be. happier. i am so beyond ready to pounce on this near year. so much planned! so much to share with you guys! i have business projects in the mix and some personal ones too. waaaaay back in the day before this blog was started i had a personal blog.  i let it fall by the wayside once this blog was started. i know my upkeep over here isnt the greatest. even tho, i miss blogging. the sharing. the community. the outlet. with that said, you should (hopefully) expect to see more content here. of course there will continue to be sessions blogged but also many, many other things. photography related and not! before i leave, i want to share a few images from the other day. its been awhile since ive picked up my camera - just for fun. just to play for me. so, i get up the other morning and take the baby out for a little mini session. of course, as soon as we get out, the temperature drops and it starts to mist. i'm still determined to take at least a few pictures. so i do. she's sitting in the car but thats ok. i'm in love with this girl and i'm pretty smitten with these images of her as well!