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Sunday, May 22, 2011

summer break : oklahoma city area photographer

this is what happens when you neglect your blog for more than a week or two. you're up - or should i say STILL up - at 5am posting sneak peeks, making announcements, going slightly delirious. please please please forgive any grammatical errors, fragmented sentences, or any grouping of words that just plain dont make sense, lol. i love spell check but unfortunately it just checks spelling! well, summer is here for us! my children are out of school! i am extremely proud of them! as we start our summer off i will be talking a little break to enjoy a bit of quality (and quantity) time with them. my children are nothing like i remember me and my siblings being growing up. you would think that my husband and i were one of the kids. they are constantly wanting to play with us, color with us just DO AND BE with us. i'm not gonna complain about that and will try to take full advantage of it while i can because i'm sure one day it will no longer be the case!! with that said, i will be "out of the office" from monday, may 23rd through friday june 3rd. my new assistant (read a post or two down) will be able to answer any questions you have, schedule  a session for you and possibly even beat you in a game of words with friends! feel free to email her at info@withunmindphotography.com . because its just plain rude to make a post and not include a picture (i'm sorry, i know i just did it one post below :(  forgive me! ) here is a picture of my newly bald 2 year old.  dont ask what happened - i'm finally coming to terms with it and am embracing her cute baldness!! 

new pricing : heads up

starting june 1st we will be implementing a new price list. with the new price list we will also be introducing a several new products. i hope to highlight some of these in their own individual posts throughout the month of june. i'd like to take a minute to note just a few of the changes. first, our session fee will be increasing to $75. secondly, collections that contain gift sized prints will be completely customizable by you! i'm really excited about this option. for example, instead of a collection that offers 1 8x10, 2 5x7's and 2 sets of wallets - that collection would now offer 7 gift prints. you'll choose whatever combination fits your needs for those 7 prints. you may want all wallets or say 3 8x10's, only 1 5x7 and 2 sets of wallets. the choice is yours. thirdly, all prints 11x14 and larger will now come mounted on styrene. a big advantage of having images mounted is that it helps to prevent accidental damage to your pictures. the styrene is thick enough that it creates  a sturdy surface for the image that can actually be displayed without framing if you wish, but it is still thin enough to fit inside a frame without any special altering. if you've ever ordered a storyboard, it was likely to have come mounted on styrene - this is the same type of mounting we will be using.  lastly, if you book a session for june or july before june 1st, you can have the current prices locked in for your session. to book, you just need to call or email to set up a date and pay the session fee to hold your date. again, as long as you book before june 1st and the session is held by july 31st - current pricing is locked in! this offer can only be extended to regular portrait sessions (not events, parties, weddings, etc.). i think that just about covers it!!

our new assistant

after much thought and prayer - ive decided to bring in an assistant to help with some of the day to day and "behind the scenes" stuff that goes on. i will admit that it's been a little hard for me because i like to have my hand in everything and i like the one on one contact and interactions i get to have with each of you. but, to prevent me from going prematurely gray, or bald, i could use a little extra help. this comes in the form of my new assistant bianca. she's already doing a fantastic job. i trust that she will be able to take care of you guys just as i have. hey, i'd trust her with my own children! as a matter of fact, i have, many times since she's my sister! you're likely to hear from her when you schedule a session, when your gallery is ready, when you place an order or just have a question that needs answering. you can reach her directly through email at info@withunmindphotography.com . please welcome her aboard!!

david & thy : engagement sessions : oklahoma city area engagement photographer

part of me wants to apologize for posting so many images from one session and then the other 90% of me loves the images too much to care about feeling bad! i had to narrow down my favorites for this post, there are many many more that i love but didnt include. im pretty sure i couldve shot these two all day long. we got together for an engagement session and they are the very reason i'm beginning to fall in love with shooting couples! i think i may have had a little too much fun with them but thats ok. david was my kind of guy. he was along for the ride because it was important to his fiancee. he was up for anything she or i wanted but was also very happy to step out of the spotlight and let it all shine on thy. now thy, the girl is stunning!!! me and my camera LOVE her! dont take my word for it - the proof is in the pictures!!! i told her, she can probably quit her day job! lol

ryder : sneak peek : oklahoma city area baby photographer

poor boo boo. i promise you this face only lasted for a minute - if that long! it was waaaay too cute though to not capture it. ryder is getting ready to turn one and we had to get together to capture the milestone!

anhtisha : sneak peek : oklahoma city area photographer

tisha and i got together to do a session for her upcoming album. a little jazz. a little neo soul. a little spoken word. a little gospel. we rolled around downtown a bit. stopped in bricktown for a hot minute and then ended up at a nice little spot called urban roots in deep deuce. she brought the attitude and the funk AND we had a lot of fun with it!!

alexis : sneak peek : oklahoma city senior photographer

little mama came ready for her senior session!

baby molly : oklahoma city area baby photographer

this kid! i think i'm starting to be a tad bit mesmerized by her! look at those eyes and those lips - really how could you not be??! ive been watching her grow since she was in her mama's belly. she recently turned a year old and in that short time has fought and won so many battles. she's amazing. she's a blessing. she's an inspiration. she's absolutely beautiful!!!

baby de : sneak peek : oklahoma city area newborn photographer

"let him sleep for when he wakes he will move mountains". i am a BIG lover of words. love the written word, the spoken word - love a good quote. i love it all! i love that little de's mama chose this quote to put above her baby's bed. he has so much potential! a life full of possibilities that lie ahead of him! maybe thats why i like newborns so much. not only are they so new and fresh - they are an enormous mass of potential greatness!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

berkeley : sneak peek : senior 2011 : oklahoma city senior photographer

berkeley is pretty cool. i loved his name and had a really nice time shooting him. we got to talk about school, his future, family. i love how i get to know just a bit about folks while we're shooting. he's the second "baby" of the family that ive shot in the past week that claims not to be spoiled. while he didnt act spoiled - i dont know man, lol, all the babies i know are pretty spoiled. my baby brother is definitely spoiled!

Monday, May 2, 2011

samaayiah : sneak peek : oklahoma city area baby photographer

 just a few from samaayiah's one year old session! i'm not sure if her mama came prepared to be in on the action or not but we managed to get her in a few!

the prom minis continue : sneak peek : amber & aaron : oklahoma city area photographer

this last image shows the craziness that happens behind the scenes that you usually dont see in photos. lol. poor amber had to put up with both a crazy nut of a date and a crazy nut of a brother. lol. it was definitely evident though that they both loved her tremendously! check out her face - shes still camera ready even with whats going on around her!

prom mini sessions continued : addam & jade : oklahoma city area photographer