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Monday, July 7, 2014

2014 entrepreneur of faith conference : the lions den : 2014 : oklahoma city area photographer : valerie vaughn : withunmind photography

on september 13, the annual entrepreneurs of faith conference will be held at southern nazarene university. i couldn't hope to do it justice to explain the awesome, life changing things that are sure to happen there. check out the website http://www.entrepreneuroffaith.com for detailed information! one component of the conference will be the lions den. it is modeled after the abc show, shark tank. using a selection process (that has already started), 5 entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch their business or business idea to the lions for the chance to win one of 3 grants totaling $5,000 and 1 on 1 mentoring sessions with the lions. sounds like exciting times!! i had the pleasure of shooting four of the eight lions in a special session. the 4 lions pictured, from left to right (in the top photo) are estela hernandez, sean abbananto, mark temple and aprille franks-hunt!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

the goodfellows : a family affair : withunmind photography

it was so serendipitous that i ran in to that family. they have introduced me to the wonderful world of essential oils. its really been life changing. it was so my pleasure to be able to photograph them. if i haven't said it before, photography and storytelling and creating, those are my drugs of choice. it gives me a high. it feeds my SOUL! i love that i have the ability to reflect back to my clients the beauty that is them! i left this session on cloud 9 and it still puts a little pep in my step every time i get to look at these images.

love is in the air : engaged! : valerie vaughn : withunmindphotography

get ready for picture overload. i SO SO loved shooting these two. so much fun. so much personality. add in some great light and it was an amazing session!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

softball princess : class of 2014 senior : withunmind photography

"don't put me in a box. circles are more my style!" WHO SAYS you have to be all of one thing or the other?? i love that mikayla shoes that you can be an athlete and a princess all at the same time!!! sooo much fun was had at this shoot!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

challenge : withunmind photography

i want to propose a challenge this morning. a heart challenge. i challenge you to give of yourself by using your time and/or talent for the benefit of another. it can be something big or little, it doesn't have to cost you a thing (it can though) - it just needs to fill a need or make a impact/difference. if you need suggestions i can offer you tons! i know that often times many of us give us our heart - and not for the praise or for a thank you but for the love that we have. well, i want to thank you. do that, and, as my thanks to you for giving of yourself, i will put all of the challenge participants names in a bucket and draw for 3 free mini sessions (to include 3 digital files each). once you're in and have done your deed or deeds, comment below that you're in, then send me an email me at valerie AT withunmindphotography.com to let me know what you've done and i'll add your name to the bucket. i'll draw names on may 3rd. if you're not local, you can still participate - i will offer you a custom digital design service. i'll also be taking the challenge myself; to actively look for ways to give of myself to others! lets go!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

what is wednesday : gift prints : withunmind photography

an often asked question when it comes to placing orders is, "what is a gift print?" currently, all of the collections on the price list include gift prints. a gift print is a 5x7, an 8x10 or a set of 8 wallets. for example, if a collection includes 6 gift prints then it is your choice of whatever combination of gift prints you'd like to total to 6 (i.e. 2 8x10, 2 5x7s and 2 sets of wallets or even all 8x10s).

Thursday, January 30, 2014

what happened to what is wednesday???

oh man! so its thursday afternoon and i realized that i forgot my what is wednesday post for yesterday! PLEAAAASE don't beat me. i have been working very hard behind the scenes to bring to you all my newest project. the trubeauty experience! look below! check it out - www.trubeautyexperience.com ! then, come back next wednesday for the newest installment of what is wednesday!!

the trubeauty experience

today is the day. the reveal of the trubeauty experience! tonight i get to share with you guys something so close to my heart. one that I've started with a dear, dear friend of mine. a project, an EXPERIENCE, just for women. to help build up and encourage us. to help us see ourselves like those we love see us. its so much more than i could ever incorporate in to this little status. please just go check it out. introducing Trubeauty Experience. please take a moment to fan the page and then check out what trubeauty is all about over athttp://www.trubeautyexperience.com/

Sunday, January 26, 2014

the trubeauty experience : 4 days till the reveal! : withunmind photography

Thursday, January 23, 2014

7 days till the trubeauty experience is revealed!

YOU ARE UNDENIABLE! 7 days until the reveal of the trubeauty experience!

please take a moment to "like" Trubeauty Experience for all the latest news and updates!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

what is wednesday : what is a storyboard (revisited) : withunmind photography

this was actually the first "what is wednesday" feature but it is definitely and often asked question so i felt the need to bring it back for a recap. i think that was definitely a run on sentence! don't jude me! lol

as a photography business, of course you know i offer prints - but what else?? products? services? welcome to "what is...wednesday". today's topic : what is a storyboard?

i LOVE storyboards. storyboards do just that - tell a little story. storyboards include multiple images on one print or canvas. creatively designed. custom art made just for you. 

see. i like to have fun with these. no two are alike! storyboards can be created at just about any size larger than an 8x10. one of my favorite sizes is 10x20. its a nice, long, rectangle shape. each storyboard is mounted on 2mm thick white or black styrene board. this is thin enough to still be framed but nice and sleek to give a modern look when hung or displayed as is (which is my personal choice). storyboards are priced at 1.5x the price of that same print size. for example, an 11x14 print is $55.00 so an 11x14 story board is $82.50 . the current price list (http://www.withunmindphotography.com/price%20list.pdf) has storyboards in artistic, modern and digital collections.