withunmind photography

Thursday, May 23, 2013

skyler : muse : oklahoma city teen photographer

awww. one of my little muses. i ALWAYS love photographing skyler! even, if its just a little mini session like this day. love love love!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

miss sharrece : senior 2013 : oklahoma city senior photographer

another beautiful class of 2013 senior! AND, from my alma mater!! BOBCAT WOOT WOOT!!

prom 2013 : MY CHILD : vaughn kids sometime photographer lol

its not often that i get to shoot my own younguns. this one right here though - i was SO READY to do!! my first borns first prom!! she did her mama proud. not once did she complain about the 42, 681 pictures that i took. i'm really considering putting together a little book with the images - cant wait to share!

jazmine : class of 2013 : oklahoma senior photographer

i always get to shoot the special ones! i know because each of my clients are special! each has a special story that needs to be told. sometimes it needs to be told just for themselves - sometimes for others. meet jazmine.

cameron : senior 2013 : oklahoma senior photographer

the class of 2013 boys have been bringing IT this year!  look at this kid! and to think, his mama "warned" me that he didnt like to smile, wasnt excited about the shoot. coulda fooled me!! lol. love loved shooting him!!