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Monday, November 21, 2011

the blankenships : oklahoma city family photographer

i'm sure ive said this before. i always feel like i repeat myself on this blog. i guess i could lie just to say something different. the truth is so much better tho and so much easier to remember. lol. i LOVE being able to shoot my friends. i love that they trust ME to capture their families. i think when i first met them, will who is now 7 wasnt quite two yet. we actually met through our daughters who are friends - we hit it off and i'm so glad to be able to call amy a friend now!! i started to apologize for the post being so picture heavy, but then again, that would be a like. i'm really not sorry. i always have a harder time narrowing down images when it comes to folks i actually know.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

class of 2012 : sneak peek : oklahoma city senior photographer

spent some time in the paseo district this past weekend shooting sister and brother seniors. my husband is constantly saying how small of a world this is. i knew when we booked the session that the grandmother was related to friends of ours. after booking a session i found out that my daughter and the sister from this session are friends and have a class together. definitely a small world. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

hailey : senior 2012 : oklahoma city area senior photographer

oh hailey. it didnt take me long to realize that i was gonna like this girl! she's pretty AND funny! cracked many a jokes during this session!!!

ashlinn : senior 2012 : oklahoma city senior photographer

i think this is my 3rd time photographing ashlinn in the past year or so. like many of my clients she just makes it so so easy for me. i love her sense of style and shes very creative as well!!!

maxwell & marley : sneak peek : oklahoma city area baby photographer

this is actually my first time photographing twin babies. it was interesting. it was fun. it was a learning experience and i'm pretty sure maxwell gave me the evil eye a few times for moving him too much. i just feel blessed to have been able to capture a few images of them - knowing that they will never be this small again!