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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

steve + monica : engagement session : sneak peek : oklahoma photographer

monica and steve have such a sweet story! they met way way back in first grade (go ahead, insert a long awwwwwww!!!!). she had a crush on him .....(add a few details here).......they lost contact with one another...(other details here)......ran in to each other in the frozen food section in crest....(just a few more details)......and in a few months they will be mr. and mrs.!! the story is a little longer than that but still!! how sweet is that?? i mean, they've known each other longer than they havent known each other! very sweet in my book. here is a little sneak peek for them. hi guys!

Monday, April 26, 2010

kiara : senior 2010 : sneak peek : oklahoma city senior photographer

i originally got to meet kiara a few weeks ago when i shot her friend tevin (yep, just like tevin campbell, but hes too young to know bout him, lol). we met up again yesterday for her own senior session. we started at lake hefner and ended up in bricktown. lots of fun. LOTS of laughing. her mama and grandma had me ROLLIN!  the girl tried to tell me she didnt know what she was doing -  but just look at her  y'all!

Friday, April 23, 2010

baby madison : sneak peek : oklahoma city newborn photographer

i spent my thursday evening hangin out with baby madison. REALLY made me want to have just oonnnnneee more. man i love babies. i sniffed her a little bit but she didnt complain. i mean, can you really blame me?? who doesnt love that new baby smell. madison had it too! sooo fresh, all of 4 days old. had to take a few moments to give big sister meghan some one on one attention as well. the girl is HILARIOUS. i'm not sure if her mama thinks shes so funny but she had me rolling. lol! evening well spent!

angela : senior 2010 : sneak peek : okalahoma city senior photographer

another 2010 senior representin' for my bobcats! a girl after my own heart. knows what she wants and doesnt want. not a girly girl but knows what to do to make herself look good.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

lauren : senior 2010 : oklahoma city senior photographer

i seem to have a lot of senior sessions lately. i'm truly lovin it! each one is so unique. different personalities, goals, views on life. from the small sampling ive seen over the past few weeks i think we may be able to rest just a little easier. there are good parents that are raising strong children with good heads on their shoulders. lauren is now exception. i think she has a very promising future!

samara : junior prom : sneak peek : oklahoma city area photographer

i hadnt gotten to see samara in about a year and a half now. shes still as beautiful as ever. the girl is a knock out ya'll! not only is she pretty but shes also smart, talented, down to earth and funny as heck. i feel sorry for her daddy. really.

Friday, April 16, 2010

boo : sneak peek : senior 2010: oklahoma city senior photographer

i spent my evening in bricktown with boo for her senior session. the girl is full of attitude and personality. LOVED it!! heres your sneak peek boo!

Monday, April 12, 2010

tevin : senior 2010 : sneak peek : oklahoma senior photographer

this kid is full of personality! i loved shooting you tevin!! i think i had the easy job, seriously. gonna keep this short and sweet cause i know tevin is over there anxiously awaiting this sneak peek!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

miss cherril : sneak peek : oklahoma senior photographer

oh man. i seriously had so much fun with this 2010 graduate! i laughed so hard it literally hurt at times! i wont go in to all the stories. some things that happen at shoots need to stay at shoots! lol! cherill, i truly enjoyed our session. thanks for allowing me to capture just a bit of your beautiful essence!

big boy jason : oklahoma city child photographer

this kid right here! lol! he just turned three so we headed downtown to the botanical gardens to catch a few images of him! he seriously had me rolling most of  the shoot (almost literally rolled down a few steep hills too, but thats another story!). the first time i photographed jason i think he was somewhere around 5 days old. look at him now!! (semi) grown and SO cute!!