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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

baby jeremiah : oklahoma city baby photographer

i think baby jeremiah weighed in at about 9.5lbs. 
i got to get my hands on him when he was about 5days old. 
they had really been itching for a newborn, so he really hit the spot!! 
i also photographed his big brother as a baby born 
(he's the little baby on the bookshelf in the gallery!).
i did try to control myself and not sniff him too much 
(how can you not give in to that new baby smell??). 
it didnt matter though, by the end, he was pretty tired of me 
- but i think we all got what we wanted!! 
thanks kelly!!


Unknown said...

Just looking at how time flies, and babies continue to grow. Thanks for capturing our precious babies and a special way. Now Jeremiah is 5 months old (next week), and weighing in at 15 lbs 3 oz.

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