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Sunday, July 10, 2011

out with the old & in with the new : oklahoma city photographer

change is not always bad. often times change can be a really good thing. i'm not the most accepting person to change. i can be resistant to it at times. as i grow though, ive realized that change can reflect just that - growth. with that little bit of deep conversation out the way - ive said all of that to say that we are making a few changes to our logo. its updated. more modern. more fresh. very simple and very clean - the way i like it. i have to say that i'm really feelin it :)  its been sitting on my computer for a little bit more than a few months now (thats where my resistance to change comes in). it has poked its head out here and there from time to time. i love it so much though that i'm ready to just make the jump over to it. without further ado (actually you've already seen it since its above this post, lol) - withunmind photography and design logo : revised.


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