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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

what is...wednesday : what is a storyboard : withunmind photography

as a photography business, of course you know i offer prints - but what else?? products? services? welcome to "what is...wednesday". today's topic : what is a storyboard?

i LOVE storyboards. storyboards do just that - tell a little story. storyboards include multiple images on one print or canvas. creatively designed. custom art made just for you. 

see. i like to have fun with these. no two are alike! storyboards can be created at just about any size larger than an 8x10. one of my favorite sizes is 10x20. its a nice, long, rectangle shape. each storyboard is mounted on 2mm thick white or black styrene board. this is thin enough to still be framed but nice and sleek to give a modern look when hung or displayed as is (which is my personal choice). storyboards are priced at 1.5x the price of that same print size. for example, an 11x14 print is $55.00 so an 11x14 story board is $82.50 . the current price list (http://www.withunmindphotography.com/price%20list.pdf) has storyboards in artistic, modern and digital collections. 


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