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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

all grown up : sneak peek : oklahoma city area photographer

sunday, i headed down to the paseo to photograph the family of a good friend. i'm not afraid to admit that these types of sessions are just a bit out of my comfort zone. i had to look back to see if i had actually shot a group of adult siblings, and i had - once before. my average client usually still has a curfew, was born after i graduated from high school and quite possibly may still need help tying his or her shoes. so this session was different. but different is okay. i loved shooting these folks. i know i say it all the time but it is true every single time i say it! they were so fun, had me cracking up the whole session. it was really interesting for me to see how they interact with each other now that they are all grown up. i feel blessed to have been able to capture just a few aspects of that relationships. i feel even more blessed to have met them. and that one chick - the one with the white hair - she just may have left an impression on my heart. dang. i love my job!

 (the girl below is the daughter of the lady above - just to explain the connection for others viewing)

 (aunties with their nephew)

 i guess now that you've read all ive had to say and have scrolled through so many images that i could apologize for how picture heavy this post is. i wont tho. lol. c'mon what do you expect to see on a photo blog - photos! and often, lots of them! ok, carry on.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding work-again! Thanks For the sneak peek and for capturing these wonderful images of my family...can't wait to see the other photos!

Natara said...

Just love love your work Valerie...I will not pesture you for the rest of 2011...but 2012...I indeed will be wanting my time to shine..lol..keep up the good work!!

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