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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

christmas card time : jones family : oklahoma city area family photographer

i photographed the jones family back this summer. bristal, now 2, was a little slow to warm to me but she was holding my hand by the end of the session. i think she may have even let me hold her. i could be making that up but i'd like to think so. anyways, fast forward 6 months and we're doing a little session for christmas cards. some things just dont go well together when trying to photograph children. cold weather (though it wasnt as cold as it had been). wet weather. sleepiness. strange woman with afro that the kids dont know/dont remember. to fix the last thing on my list i think i'm going to start shooting at least one picture of me AND the child if they are under say, 5 or 6. that way, when it comes time for the next session, i can whip out the photo and say - heeey you remember me! here we are having fun! we'll see if it works or not. bristal was giving my high 5's by the end of the shoot but i think she couldve cared less about me when we started out. thats ok, cause i dont hold it against her. i still think you're really cool bristal and really really cute!!


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