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Saturday, December 17, 2011

withunmind : do u be u : new bracelets : oklahoma city photographer

this idea has been tossed around since earlier this year. i'm so excited to finally see it take form. we have some new gear here in the shop. well, my office. they are very cute bracelets (if i may say so myself) that i am on the verge of being in love with. the message is one thats very personal to me as well as a total reflection of what i see withunmind photography being all about. these thick creme colored bracelets read : withunmind : on one side and : do u be u : on the other. for me it doesnt get much realer or simpler than that. DO YOU. BE YOU. dont fake it. dont pretend. dont try to be who or what you're not. you shouldnt even want to be something youre not. be who you are. follow UR heart.  express URSELF. UR style. and dont do it halfheartedly either. if youre gonna do it, be real about it. commit to it. go after it. in the grand scheme of things life is so short. time is very very precious. dont waste it. dont take it for granted. dont let it slip by being unhappy not chasing the things U want. i guarantee you that no one can be a better you than you! we dont need 20 of her and 12 of him - we need you! okay i may have started rambling a bit there, but you get my point right??? it is after 1 am and i have had two failed nap attempts today. i am a little sleep deprived and very hungry. lol. what that has to do with anything i'm not altogether sure. but hey. it is what it is. i am who i am. i could apologize for it but youve probably already fallen asleep by now! okay i'm done talkin - here's the bracelets. 

these have already started going out with orders. if you're interested in one and youre a client - get at me and i'll get one to you. not a client or havent had a session and still want one?? give me a call or send me a text/email, they are available for purchase for $5.


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